A Mission Unfinished


What is the Clinica Medicos Fellowship?

The Surgical Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship for graduates of family medicine residency who wish to pursue advanced Obstetrical training. The Fellowship provides training in surgical obstetrics with the expectation of achieving cesarean section privileges and board certification from the American Board of Physician Specialties in Family Medicine Obstetrics. http://www.abpsus.org/family-medicine-obstetrics

What is Clinica Medicos?

Clinica Medicos is a family of organizations that focus on providing primary care for underserved communities. In particular, we focus on the health care needs of pregnant women and children, and as our name suggests, we are a medical home for many Spanish speaking immigrant families.

Our story is synonymous with our founder, Dr. Wm MacMillan Rodney, FAAFP, FACEP, who has been a lifelong advocate for the preservation of family medicine as a specialty that provides total care for families, which includes full obstetric and prenatal care, including care for common complications of pregnancy as well as cesarean delivery.

Clinica Medicos was a solution to a big question 20 years ago–”How can we preserve the legacy of Family Physicians and their historical scope of practice, while also providing training to young physicians who want to be valuable in impoverished communities around the world.”

Dr. Rodney surmised that the Mission Hospital could be one of the most instructive places for physician training and that the Mission Hospital template could be implemented within the constraints of modern American medicine. The result of this creative thinking, combined with years of hard work and perseverance led to what is now the Clinica Medicos family and the Family Medicine Obstetrics fellowship in Memphis, Tennessee.